One of the richest nation: Canada

The Netherland's resources

The Netherlands is one of the largest exporter in the world in terms of fruits and vegetables. They are also one of the suppliers of agricultural products in other countries. The agriculture in The Netherlands is very inoovative. And the best university for agriculture is located in The Netherlands, The climate and type of soil in The Netherlands is very suitable for the crops that they are growing. They produce mostly, wheat and potatoes. But they are also producing other fruits and vegetables as well. While the livestock in the country supplies meat, eggs and dairy. And also leather and wool. And it contributes a large amount to the economy of The Netherlands. And did you know that 80 percent of flower bulbs are from The Netherlands? Yes it is. And The Netherlands is the second largest exporter of beer in the world. And when it comes to their industries, they have electronics, chemical industry, chemical industy and car industry. Truly, The Netherlands is a very rich country when it comes to their resources and economy. They will surely continue to grow in the succeeding years.

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